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What You Get WIth Run Stronger:

For 90 Days Have Your Strength Training Tailored For You : Following an in depth questionnaire you will have your training delivered via an easy to use app and reviewed every 30 days for preogressions by me.

​Access to the House Running Club weekly 'brain picks' where you can ask Gary anything to do with your training (not just strength) which means up to 12 hours of extra coaching!

High Level Accountability Check ins and encouragement from a private group ran by our resident accountability coach Charlotte.

​​Bitesize training videos sent to you along the way so that you can learn more about training.

Finally the most important part.....results with your running performance!.


I created this for people who want to learn about and make progress with their strength training.

For that to happen you will need access to either a gym, home gym or get creative with the way you add weight.

You must be able to commit to 3 x 45 minute sessions each week to get the best out of this training.


Gary House has been a succesful running coach for 10+ years now and has in more recent years put a lot of time and money with courses learning how to get the best out of runner strength and conditioning.

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My guarantee to you is that this training, when implemented, will make a difference in your training and performance. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

If you complete the training and don't think that the course has been 100% worth it then email my team and we will refund you.

What equipment do I need?

It will depend on where you at with your strength training but it will involve resistance / weight so access to gym , some sort of weights will be needed.

What if I am a complete beginner?

The movements and exercises that I prescribe are always simple but effective and I can help with any explanations

Do I get a running plan too?

This programme doesn't include your running training as it requires just as much work and time from me to tailor these properly. If you are coached by me for your running then the programme is heavily discounted

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